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Orange County Police Dept. Newport Beach Fire Dept. Palm Beach School District

GST's commitment to putting advanced technology into the hands of those who make the world a safer place.

GST CrimeMap® is a comprehensive, yet intuitive, software program for crime analysis and mapping.

GST CrimeMap® Lite is a lighter, user-friendly version of our crime mapping software. It is economical enough to be used by every officer in your organization.

GST Mapper® is a state-of-the-art map display software, designed for both host servers in a dispatch center and Mobile Data Computers in vehicles.

GST Tracker® is our GIS-based vehicle tracking system that provides added protection for field officers, better utilization of agency's manpower and vehicles, and faster response times for dispatching.

GST's Student Transportation Management System™ (STMS) offers school districts a turnkey solution to ensure the safety of both students and bus drivers, facilitate efficiency in transportation management and substantially reduce the cost of operation.

GST Tracker for School Transportation with real-time bus location, emergency panic message, call-ahead notification, near buses identification, travel history recording, railroad crossing recording, door event recording.

Pupil Transportation System for school bus routing that includes the ability to create, edit or reverse regular route/ special-ed route, optimize routes, analyze bus capacity and create, edit bus stops, assign students to stops, bus stop statistics.

Student Identification System is customized for each school's specific student information software and has the ability to import data, update daily, analyze eligibility and automatically ID students

List of Clients: (Click the links below to view the pdf infomation sheets)

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Orange County Sheriff's Department

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Newport Beach Police Department

Newport Beach Fire Department

City of Garden Grove Police Department

Palm Beach County School District

Orange County Dispatch Center
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