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UG-2000 PassiveTrack:  Vehicle Fleet Management

Passive 900MHz Auto Download Microsoft MapPoint & CheckMate Software
The PassiveTrack UG-2000 is a one of a kind GPS system. Utilizing the 900mhz wireless frequency and the power of GPS positioning system. UG-2000 has the ability to record the activity of the vehicle. With UG-2000 you can download data from the base station and displays actual routes driven, number of stops and amount of time spent at each site. Specialize software included with the base station can utilize recorded data to generate max and average speed report and chats. UG-2000 can download a days driving in less than a minute and from a distance away.


• No monthly fees, one-time investment (non real time)
• Detailed, Summary, history routing, reports and charts
• Monitor Vehicle stationary time
• Create and Customize PTO (Point of Interest)
• Save location names and view time at specific locations
• Maps for easy and frequent updates
• User defined capture rate, stop length, speed alert, etc.
• Route history and trail activity
• Downloads vehicle data when return to base station
• Stores driving information
• No fleet size limitations
• Download to base station using 900mhz wireless connection Free
GEOTABTrack Flash Presentation (4 mb)
GEOTAB CHECKMATE Powerpoint Show (3 mb)
GEOTAB CHECKMATE Setup Guide (2.5 mb)
GEOTAB GEOPORT RF Guide (470 kb)
GEOTAB CHECKMATE Reporting Solutions Guide (356 kb)
GEOTAB GO Installation Manual (248 kb)
GEOTAB GO Specifications (64 kb)
GEOTAB Checkmate User Manual (3.2 mb)
GEOTAB featured in Geospatial magazine (2.1 mb)

• Vehicle Tracking
• Service vehicles
• Delivery vehicles
• Moving trucks
• Route verification
• Sales vehicles
• Small to mid size fleets

GEOTAB featured in Geospatial magazine (2.1mb)
Click here to read why Orkin, a leading North American company, chose GEOTAB as their GPS fleet management solution! (95 kb)
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