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GE Security - NavLogix System Solutions

Software Developed by MAS, GE Security’s Internal Mapping Software Co.
Supported by Internal Software Design Team
Professional Staff will Manage Project Implementation & Installation
24 Hour Web-System Support
100+ Seat, GE Security US-Based Call Center for Field & Software Support

Enhanced Fleet Management Efficiencies
  • Nearest drivers can be dispatched for quicker service
    or delivery
  • Advantage of turn-by-turn directions for your drivers,
    or re-route a driver caught in traffic
  • Vehicle activity reports can be used for payroll and
    customer billing
  • Increase efficiencies with additional dispatch functionality

Reduced Operational Costs
  • Cut fuel costs by - dispatching closest driver, monitoring excessive speeds and idle times
  • Prevent unauthorized after hour driving – reducing vehicle run time and fuel consumption
  • Geo-Fencing set-up will provide automatic alerts when drivers enter or exit unauthorized zones
  • Increase overall employee behaviors with the ability to better monitor

Improved Customer Service

  • Reduce the customer wait times for service or delivery by providing more accurate timeframes.
  • Urgent customer request – will allow you to dispatch nearest driver for quickest response
  • Improve route times will increase the amount of customers you can service

Increase Security

  • Alerts will automatically e-mail out when a vehicle moves without ignition running
  • A stolen vehicle can be tracked for easy recovery, often unknown to the thief
  • Reduce potential traffic accidents with better monitoring of employee driving habits
  • Able to see where all vehicles and/or equipment are at any one time.

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