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UG-1000 JacTrack:  Asset Management

View Your Vehicle's 90 Days History Report Vehicle Speeding Reported by E-mail
System Overview
This is a GPS for a manager or business owner where locating the vehicle is more important than route history or specific driving activity. It is intended to locate a vehicle by exception or automatically every few hours, not every 5-minutes. Less detailed information is offset by a much larger coverage area.

Possible Applications:
Larger rental and lease fleet, "high risk" auto loan situations, long-haul trucking and high theft risk situations needing extensive coverage.
JacTrack Powerpoint Presentation (2.8 mb)
Device Configuration
United States Coverage Area
Installation Manual (386 kb)
Communication Method:
Data is transmitted from the vehicle unit across the analog channel of cell phone networks using 3-watts of transmission power which eliminates most of the "dead spots" experienced by cell phones.

• Stop / Start Report
• Power Saving
• GeoFence
• Highest Speed
• Excessive Speeding
• Stationary Report
• Maintenance Report
• Low Battery
• Boundaries / Region Setting

• Unlock Door
• Real Time Location Request
• Daily Ignition-on Hours
• Starter Disable/Enable
• Alarm Alert
• Delivery Report
• Extract Output/Option
• Daily Mileage Report
• History Review (90 Days)
ROI (Return on Investment)
Instant Savings:
• Overtime
• Fuel
• Productivity
• Efficiency
Long Term Savings:
• Insurance
• Maintenance
• Reputation
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