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UG-4000 AXTrack:  Asset Management

UG-4000 is a battery operated transmitter with an integral GPS locating function.  UG-4000 features a compact (9” x 6.25” X 1”) rugged enclosure designed to attach easily, with either screws or auto-body grade adhesive, to the top of a cargo container, railcar or trailer.  Once service is established with Globalstar, UG-4000 sends information to Globalstar satellites which relay the information to ground stations.  The processed information is then available to the user via the internet.  The device is delivered complete and ready-to-go with no need for an external antenna or power source.  UG-4000 can provide location updates at user defined intervals as well as up to four separate customizable alarms.  In addition, UG AXT-S can provide geo-fencing which alerts the user if the cargo has crossed a user-defined geographic boundary.  UG-4000 features the Globalstar/AeroAstro Simplex Transmitter using USA GPS's core transmitter technology.


• Asset tracking
• Cargo security
• Cargo health monitoring
• Fleet management
• Geo-fencing
• Homeland Security
• Fixed asset monitoring with location reporting infrequently moved assets
UG-4000 installation guide


• Supervisory position reporting
• 4 configurable ‘alarm’ inputs
• Geo-Fencing
• GPS failure logging
• RAS site avoidance
• Replaceable battery pack
• 7 year battery life (2 updates/day)
• TTL serial configuration sensor port
• NEMA 4X enclosure: 9” X 6.25” X 1”
• Globalstar/AeroAstro Simplex Transmitter Unit (STU) featuring proven
USA GPS core transmitter technology
• Integral GPS module with antenna

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